Raugh Stuff

A few years ago I made a big carved Raugh desk in the middle of the living room – and in the process learned that two-year old toddlers not only regurgitate on foam, but also love to chew it (go figure) and also that mouse pee melts little craters in it.  I loved the foam but the foam didn’t love us.  Or at least it didn’t love our desert lifestyle.  This week we are prototyping a new setup of a smoothly sanded walnut frame with a plush raugh foam interior… the potential seems limitless.


2 Comments on “Raugh Stuff”

  1. lee wallace says:

    I love the foam it looks like rock, hmmm, probably wouldn’t have a rock sofa. We do textile remakes in Australia, I loved the white felt dress at http://www.ecofashionworld.com/Events/FASHIONING-FELT-FEVER.html. project remake

  2. […] out this amazing round burly version at A-Z West…and that killer Raugh Sofa, so […]

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