Pulling the Plug

A-Z West is now an internet free zone….  Not free internet – but internet free!

Out of synch with the world that wants to be connected all the time everywhere – I have been sorely feeling the need for some limits.   Email has become a sport, like a game of tennis, in which I spend the entire day flinging back messages trying to get the in box down to zero (which actually happened once, years ago, when I lived in a different house) – but the faster they go out, the faster they just came back in.  To say nothing of my inability to focus on a conversation without excusing myself every ten minutes to check the latest incoming news….

Now I’m only allowed to go on-line at the office (the HDTS HQ).  Yesterday I did a test run for this plan and managed to clean out my inbox in two hours – a new world record.


One Comment on “Pulling the Plug”

  1. Tim Laurence says:

    you have done the best possible thing by taking control.I don’t know how you could create any meaningful work if you have to answer emails all day. It’s a great technology but its so pervasive.

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