billboard #3


3 Comments on “billboard #3”

  1. Sara Graham says:

    Are these painted directly on the wood? What are the sizes? What is the context? What I mean is that they seem a bit of a departure from your most recent work and I wanted to know what they are about?

    • andrea zittel says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I’ve been doing these “prototype for billboards at A-Z West” for about seven years now. They are painted on 4×8 sheets of plywood – I believe that there are images of earlier versions posted on my website. They initially began as advertisements or illustrations for a series of principles that I’ve been working on called “these things I know for sure” – more recently though the billboards have been going in other various directions. (The more recent ones depict “bodies in space with objects” There is a very nice text about them in the book that I did for my exhibition at Schaulager – I believe that the title of the book is just my name “Andrea Zittel”.

  2. Dear Andrea,

    I am ever inspired by your work! I wanted to share with you a Billboard project of my own, and invite you to come see it in the desert of Green River, Utah. Here is a link that will give you more information (and visuals!) of what it’s all about:

    Keep up the good work!

    Yours truly,
    Charlotte X.C. Sullivan

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