A Letter From The Island

I got a really great letter the other day from Katharine Ball – the 2001 Resident on the Indianapolis Island, a work commissioned last year by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Katharine made a grey water system right under the sink inside the island.  And she is a really intense, honest and thought provoking writer  You can read Katharine’s letter her here – and then check out the rest of her blog…


2 Comments on “A Letter From The Island”

  1. […] Andrea Zittel created a living sculpture-island for the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acres sculpture/nature park. In fact, artist Katharine Ball is actually living in it. Ball wrote Zittel a letter about some eco-modifications she made to the island, complete with pictures. The letter is on the IMA’s Zittel-focused website — and Zittel posted about it on her blog too. […]

  2. […] a really nice note from Katherine Ball today – Katherine was last year’s resident on Indy Island, and she came to visit AZ West a few months ago, just in time to help put the finishing touches on […]

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