National Gallery Homestead


Charlie Sofo – an Australian artist who will be living in the Homestead Unit and conducting his practice for two periods over the next month.  You can follow Charlie’s blog here.   On the first day of Charlie’s inhabitation, his friends Joyce and Michael  (who coincidentally have a daughter who lives in 29 Palms!)  and his brother  Liv who works with them, brought fresh vegetables from their organic garden in Camberra.  The next morning, feeling a bit like a stalker,  I checked on the unit and discovered traces of Charlie’s inhabitation….




2 Comments on “National Gallery Homestead”

  1. georthof says:

    Beautifully crafted, I deeply love Andrea’s sharp and dry concepts. What can I say, I’m her biggest fan in Brazil!

  2. […] Andrea Zittel Homestead was just installed in the sculpture garden of Australia’s National Gallery. Artist Charlie Sofo is living in […]

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