Truck Stalking


I have a long running obsession with Australian trucks and off road camping vehicles.  On this last trip I also saw some great flat-beds that are manufactured to fit on smaller trucks – each one comes with different sorts of attachments, work boxes etc.  We didn’t have much time to scout trucks, but I managed a few sightings while on a drive to a camping store with Lucina and Charlie.



Here are a few other Australian camping rigs that it’s easy to become obsessed with:  The Earthcruiser, the Wothahellizat, and trailers like the Conqueror series or another vehicle also called the Conqueror that looks a bit like a sci-fi motorhome.


One Comment on “Truck Stalking”

  1. patrick s. doyle says:

    It’s great to see and read that you’re adventuring Down Under!
    I hope to see more of your badass truck sightings. The shear utility of the designs and construction definitely breeds obsessive fascination. While the gigantic ones are amazing, I wonder about compact solutions.
    As far as compactness, have you been to Cockington Green Gardens in Canberra? I’ve heard it’s a gem of a place.
    Anyways, keep in truckin’ and safe journeys!

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