Katy Davidson

Last month during open season Katy Davidson organized a semi spontaneous performance in the boulders behind the studio.

Katie performed, Katherine read, and Eden rolled around in dirt and fire.   Everything pretty much came together in the moment and on the spot.  It was a really good evening.  (Thanks so much to Aaron Hawn for all of the great photos!)






slow but steady

2014-03-08 17.47.01New composting toilets to replace wooden ones that have blown over one time too many…  Fingers crossed they will be done in time for open season – which starts in April this year.

Interpretive Trail

2014-03-16 16.13.35I drove up to Hinkley, for an open house at the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s Desert Research Center, and to check out a new work by Leroy Stevens.  Leroy’s project is an underground sound piece that has to be activated by running over buried metal rods with a metal detector.  I don’t have good pictures of the work, but found is a nice description on his site.   And I’m always struck by the quiet genius of Matt Coolidge and the Center.  Here are some signs from their new interpretive trail…

2014-03-16 15.25.33

2014-03-16 15.29.30

2014-03-16 15.22.07

bench evolution

IMG_0005I think we have finally settled on a solution that looks good, is critter proof and easily sponge-able when food spills…

darn it dogs



IMG_9093I know it is time to reorganize my shelves when I can’t find Emmett!  (All of the boxes are being stockpiled for a project we will be starting soon for the Palm Springs Museum’s new Architecture and Design Center)





IMG_9743Work is progressing on the Secret Spot and the cabin now has a view!  The original porch of the cabin was all boarded up – so we took off the siding and now new windows have been framed in.  I’ll eventually have two long tables set up in this front room, it will be such a good  space for reading, writing and drawing.